Memoirs of an Elusive Moth

Author: Adele Friel Rhindress

Harry Blackstone presented a full-evening production called the "Show of 1001 Wonders." It lived up to that billing, as a stage-filling spectacle combining spectacular illusions, magnificent costumes, gorgeous girls, a corps of assistants, humor, dancing, and intimate conjuring, into a magnificent stage production.

Blackstone toured North America ceaselessly and by 1947, after over four decades entertaining the public, was unquestionably one of America's greatest and best-known magicians.

It was in that year, at the age of 17, that Adele Friel was swept into Blackstone's world of magic. She joined the ranks of his show unexpectedly, making the transition from solo song-and-dance act to one of "Mr. B's" "gorgeous girls" in the blink of an eye. It was a decision that would change her life. For the next three seasons, she trouped with Blackstone, playing an integral role in his show, both onstage and backstage.

Memoirs of an Elusive Moth gives readers a rare and intimate first-person account of one of America's greatest touring magic shows. Laid bare in its pages are many of the secrets behind Blackstone's magic, as well as details of life in the theater, behind the scenes, on the road, and more - all told here for the first time.

Hardbound with dust jacket, 6 x 9", illustrated with photographs and memorabilia. With an introduction by Dick Cavett.

Elusive Moth With Blackstone Sr. Colorized

Blackstone Cast Members

October 6, 1947 - April 1, 1950

  • Harry Blackstone Sr, STAR of SHOW
  • Harry Blackstone Jr, Son of STAR
  • Pete Bouton, Brother of STAR, Master Carpenter, ran the show
  • Millie Bouton, Sister-in-law of STAR, wife of Pete, Wardrobe Mistress
  • Lon Ramsdell, Company Manager
  • George A. Florida, Press Representative
  • Charles V. Turner, Advertising Agent
  • Fred Phillips, Stage Manager, Blackstone's Valet, Assistant
  • Loudene Power, Assistant
  • Merle Norton, Assistant
  • Patty Rose, Assistant
  • Frank Gallagher, Stage Manager, Assistant
  • Mabel (Mae) Reime Gallagher, Assistant
  • (Evelyn) Lynne Perry, Assistant
  • Herbie Washburn, Blackstone's Valet, Assistant
  • Sara Graves, Assistant
  • Ward Graves, Program and Souvenir Vendor
  • Bert Ponard, Organist, Music Director
  • Betty Stolle, Assistant
  • Adele Friel, Assistant
  • Del Ray, Assistant
  • Dennis Mahoney, Assistant
  • Bill Griffiths, Master of Properties
  • Jim Bennett, Assistant
  • Harry Rosenberg, Assistant
  • Neil Sweet, Technician, Assistant
  • Irene Holt, Assistant
  • Harold Swartzenburg, Master Electrician
  • Jack Behringer, Master Propertyman
  • Jo Habes, Assistant
  • Jack Schaaf, Stage Manager, Assistant
  • Dora Smith Schaaf, Assistant
  • Tex Whatley, Assistant
  • Gladys Lyle, Organist, Music Director
  • Nick Ruggiero, Assistant
  • Dick Berry, Assistant
  • John McEvoy, Assistant
  • Tom Reid, Assistant
  • Betty Reid, Assistant
  • Marge Reid, Assistant
  • Marian Krebs, Assistant
  • Bob Smith, Assistant
  • Marge (Pchola) Cola, Assistant
  • Vickie Hughes, Assistant
  • Seymour Potolsky, Program and Souvenir Vendor
  • Harold Weinberg, Assistant
  • Al Burns, Assistant
  • Bill Lorenz, Assistant
  • Bob Bedini, Master of Properties